10 Reasons to visit japan

7. Clean country

After arriving, you’ll quickly realize that Japan is extraordinarily clean. Even in Tokyo, a major metropolis, the streets are generally clean and there is rarely litter lying around or cigarette butts on the curbs. You might be wondering how this is even possible given the scarcity of trash cans in urban areas. The solution is straightforward: Japanese people respect their environment, pick up after themselves, and bring their waste home. Mottainai, which can be loosely translated as “nothing goes to waste,” is a cultural ideal that is highly regarded in Japanese society. When something breaks, it is frequently mended and reused rather than being promptly replaced.

8. Traditional craft and art

Craft has a long history in Japan and has been significant to its culture. There is a long variety of traditional Japanese crafts, ranging from the more well-known ones like knives, pottery, kimonos, yukata, and tatami to the less well-known ones like kokeshi dolls, fireworks, kendama, origami, daruma dolls, woodblock prints, Nambu ironware, and spherical and folding fans. Local specialties vary from region to region. Because they are crafted by skilled artisans, some of the craft and art are more expensive, but they are all wonderful gifts to bring home! Numerous locations provide craft and art experiences, such as pottery classes and tea ceremonies.

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