8 best Cheap Honeymoon Destinations.

A pleasant vacation with your new husband does not have to be pricey. Nothing else matters, after all, as long as you’re together. Luxurious lodgings at exclusive resorts and first-class flights to exotic locations may seem attractive, but if you’ve spent all of your money on an elaborate wedding or simply want to enjoy the simple things in life, there are a lot of inexpensive honeymoon destinations to choose from.

We have the perfect spot for you, whether you want sun, beach, and over-the-water hammocks or an adrenaline-filled vacation in the forest or underwater.

Take a short flight to the magnificent beaches of Puerto Rico or Belize, cruise to Mexico’s legendary Riviera Maya, get your heart beating on ziplines in Costa Rica and the San Juan Islands, road trip through Portugal, or stay in a castle in Europe to get more for less.

Check out our list of the best cheap honeymoon places for economical honeymoon ideas that won’t break the bank.

1.Puerto Rico, United States

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For a variety of reasons, Puerto Rico is appealing. It’s easy to get to from major North American cities, and US citizens don’t need a passport to visit. You can also drive on the right side of the road. This Caribbean jewel has it all for honeymooners, with exquisite resorts, magnificent beaches, jungles, offshore islands, and a walkable main city.

Hotels like Hotel El Convento and Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel are reasonably priced, Uber is a quarter of what it is in the United States, and islands like Vieques (home to the Mosquito bioluminescent Bay) and Culebra provide more peaceful options.

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