Cheap romantic getaways in Europe for couples.

Cheap romantic getaways, Europe

6. Paris

Paris, the city of love itself, must be included on any list of romantic getaways in Europe. The best way to get lost in Paris is to just start walking and see where it takes you. Visit the market stalls along the Seine, observe the Eiffel Tower’s iconic sunset illuminations, ascend the steps of Montmartre’s Sacre Coeur, and purchase a bottle of beer from one of the many street vendors to enjoy the cityscape. All this while indulging in coffee, wine, and French pastries, of course!

For envious views of Paris from the center of the activity, stay at Le Regrent Montmartre. You’ll be in a prime location to experience Parisian life, only a short distance from Pigalle and the Moulin Rouge.

7. Porto

Get lost in the historic Ribeira neighborhood’s maze of twisting cobblestone alleyways that pass a number of specialty stores and independent eateries. Porto, a coastal city, is well-known for its great bridges and port wine. Impress your better half by dropping off to O Diplomata, one of the busiest locations in Porto’s Baixa, and taste the tastiest pancakes in town. Choose from six batter variations and a wide selection of toppings. Absolute indulgence.

To make your vacation even more unique, stay at Selina Porto and reserve a suite. You will be in the center of the action of the city if you are in Ribiera. Remember to make a reservation on a port and wine tour!

8. Valencia

Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain, provides the ideal blend of cosmopolitan life and romantic getaway. Explore the breathtaking Turia Gardens, a riverbed turned green belt that runs directly through the city and is 9 kilometers long. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine, admire the beautiful architecture, and wander along the extensive beach located in the Old Quarter.

Staying at Rooms Ciencias will put you within spitting distance of some of Valencia’s top attractions.

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