The 6 Cheapest and Best Places To Buy Property In Europe

It’s a better idea now than it has been in more than a decade to diversify your portfolio with properties with euro values.

The dollar and the euro are nearly equal, giving holders of U.S. dollars greater purchasing power than they have had in the eurozone since 2003.

Everyone is aware of the ongoing crisis in Greece, and Spain is still dealing with the devastating consequences of its ruptured housing bubble. Other markets in the area are recovering in the interim.

The property market in Ireland is booming, and Portugal is a prime example (Lief and I were so delighted during our earlier visit that we made an investment before leaving the country).

Our editorial team discovered the current per-square-meter cost to purchase in significant euro-based markets when conducting the study for our recently published Retire Overseas Index.

Where exactly in euro-land should the retiree or home buyer concentrate his attention at this time?

Here are some specific suggestions from our editors:

1: Abruzzo, Italy


The Italian region of Abruzzo is one of the most affordable in Europe and a great place to consider retiring. As attractive as Tuscany or Umbria, but less traveled, is this sparsely inhabited area where central Italy blends into this nation’s slower-paced south. In this lovely province, which offers both seaside and mountain lifestyle alternatives, you might purchase an apartment in a decent location for as little as US$1,015 per square meter. For as little as US$50,000, one can purchase a small yet livable village cottage.

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