The 6 Cheapest and Best Places To Buy Property In Europe

4: Algarve, Portugal


More than 100,000 expat retirees now call Portugal’s Algarve home. The region has always drawn foreign retirees. The Algarve has a longstanding reputation as a top summer destination among European sun-seekers and a leading winter refuge for those wishing to escape Northern Europe’s coldest months thanks to its 3,300 hours of sunshine every year, more bright days than virtually anyplace else in Europe.

The 100 miles of Atlantic coastline in the Algarve are broken up by craggy rock outcrops, lagoons, and vast stretches of sandy beaches, several of which have been honored with coveted Blue Flags from the European Blue Flag Association. These coasts have turquoise sea, and the views from the top of the cliffs are breathtaking. In other words, you may pass your days swimming, tanning, and boating here at the beach. In addition, the area is known as one of the top golfing destinations in continental Europe and has 42 golf courses within less than 100 miles.

Algarve real estate in Portugal is currently available for an average price of US$1,345 per square meter. We considered the little historic coastal city of Lagos to be the most intriguing from a lifestyle and investment standpoint, so Lief and I bought there this month.

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