The 6 Cheapest and Best Places To Buy Property In Europe

5: Bucharest, Romania


The only area of Bucharest, Romania, that was spared by Nicolae Ceausescu’s bulldozers is the old town. This historic area has lately undergone some renovation. In addition to sharing Europe’s urban history, culture, and love of the arts, architecture, and education, Bucharest’s Old Town today provides strolling streets, sidewalk cafes, cathedrals, museums, and restaurants.

At the current rate of exchange between the dollar and the euro, the average cost of ownership in Bucharest is US$1,432 per square meter.

Be aware that despite being EU members, both Croatia and Romania have their own currencies. Croatia and Romania both use the kuna. However, real estate in Croatia and Romania is valued in euros, so dollar owners gain from the high dollar at the moment.

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