The top five jewelry trends for 2022 are listed below, and they’re all stunning

Who says new year says new trends! Rings, bracelets, necklaces… What jewels will nicely dress our necks, wrists and hands in 2022? We tell you right here!

Each new year brings with it its share of fashion trends. On the jewelry front, several trends have already begun to emerge! Rings, bracelets, necklaces… Spotted on Instagram or Pinterest, here are the jewels of 2022 that will dress your necks, wrists and hands with elegance and delicacy.

Know that nostalgia will be the key word for this year 2022. Indeed, the trendiest jewelry from the 1990s is coming back more than ever in force. It’s time to rethink our college looks or to take inspiration from the biggest stars of the nineties such as Christina Aguilera. We also love regressive jewelry that reminds us of childhood! We like them very colorful, in plastic, with patterns like butterflies, stars or hearts. It’s time to bring out your old necklaces, rings or bracelets! And if you plan to renew your collection, here are without further delay the biggest jewelry trends to shop urgently.

1.Regressive rings.


Like last year, the rings will be impressive in 2022! Have no fear: the bigger the better. If you like signet rings, now is the time to bring them out or treat yourself to some. Otherwise, choose rings with embossed details that will look absolutely elegant on the hand. Do you only wear thin, unobtrusive rings? It’s not a problem at all, you can accumulate them and give the illusion of a “big” ring. Besides, do not hesitate to place a ring on each finger if you want. The accumulation is very chic! But the must of the must are the big colorful and regressive rings that we have seen in particular at Dior and on the fingers of it-girls like Dua Lipa or Bella Hadid. Pastel colors, butterfly print, sequins, appeal to your inner child to be at the forefront of the trend.

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