10 Reasons to visit japan

9. Japanese castles 

Many castles were created throughout Japan’s history, but many of them were destroyed by numerous battles or natural calamities like earthquakes. However, there are still some stunning castles in Japan that are open for tours and some of which are listed as UNESCO sites. There are a total of 12 original castles spread out over the nation, each of which has a castle tower (or main keep) that was constructed in the Edo or earlier.

10. Sakura

Sakura are a must-see on any springtime trip to Japan. Everyone and everything lived in the spirit of the lovely flowers for two weeks. Hanami (blossom watching parties) are commonplace since everyone wants to witness this million-dollar view. Picnicking beneath fully blossomed cherry trees is highly popular in Japan. Sakura represents the coming of spring, a season of rebirth and hope, and because the cherry blossoms only bloom for a brief period of time (about two weeks), they also represent the transience of life, a central idea in Buddhism. You can get limited-edition sakura-flavored snacks and mementos everywhere during the cherry blossom season.

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